Finding My Way Back…

First of all, allow me to apologize. I have no excuse for my lack of communication or for my lack of commitment lately. Yes, I was sick for a while and the lasting effects kept me from being able to exercise, but I I have been feeling like myself for over a week now so I have no excuse. My last post…well, that wasn’t me. There was no reason for me to allow myself to get to that low of a point, especially considering the progress I had made prior to going away and then coming back and being ill. That person allowed herself to get discouraged and allowed herself to get lazy with her eating habits. That person has finally gone and I am determined to get right back on track again. So first things first…

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Do You Know What Your Goals Are?


So I have already expressed that I want to be healthier, but what does that really mean anyway?

Being healthy means different things to different people and I’ve been spending the last few days trying to determine what being healthier means to me and what goals I would like to will achieve going forward with my new lifestyle. I would like to thank some of the bloggers I’ve been following as well who have opened my eyes to the fact that I never actually sat down to determine goals for myself. I feel like I have an idea of what I want floating around in my head, but until I actually get down to writing them out, they’ll just remain some vague idea…so here I go:

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