Fall Favorite Recipes: Sweet Potato Hash

Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite season yet? While summer is wonderful in its own way with beaches and BBQs, fall meals are hands down my favorite.  They are homey, comfortable meals that just soothe my soul. I mean seriously,  is there really any issue that a bowl of warm stew or a hot cup of cider can’t fix? (Ok… maybe not fix, but definitely make you feel a little better!)

So when I woke up on Sunday and felt that slight crisp in the air,  I was dying to get in the kitchen and get to cooking! So here was my first attempt at making Sweet Potato Hash!


4 strips of turkey bacon,  diced

1 large sweet potato, cubed

1 onion,  sliced thin

4 eggs

Salt and pepper

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A Rainy Day Means A Great Cooking Day For Me

It was a rainy Columbus Day here in New York, but I didn’t mind too much. I actually appreciated having the opportunity to work in the kitchen for a bit this afternoon and get our meals for tomorrow all set and make sure I stick to my goals.

Since I had a few hours to spare and the weather was just calling for it, I decided to go with a Lamb Stew.

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