Eating Healthy On A Budget

I’m always hearing how hard it can be to afford to eat healthy. That good food is just too expensive to buy. And I cannot bring myself to believe a word of that.

While that may have been true in the past, I feel that more and more markets are making it possible for people to buy healthy and organic foods at a realistic price that should be able to meet the budgetary needs of any family. For instance, earlier today I traveled to a magical place. No, not DisneyWorld…even better. Stew Leonard’s.


For those of you that may not know or have a Stew Leonard’s in your vicinity, I feel sorry for you. I truly do. It’s basically a smaller grocery store chain that stocks products that are fresh and great quality. It may not have as many products as a normal super market, but that it one of the things I love about it. By carrying less products, they ensure that everything they provide is of greater value, quality, and freshness. Their produce selection in particular is rather large, and there are always sales on items making them a great by.

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Making Small Compromises To Not Break The Bank


First of all, that piggy bank might have been the best $2 purchase I ever made in Target. But before we get to that…

As I had mentioned previously, Mike and I are facing a new adventure in our life – home ownership. And while it has been just a rush of excitement (and anxiety) we are finally starting to settle down two months after moving in. With the settling, we have also experienced a crashing reality check.

You see, while we purchased a co-op for a lower price than a home so our mortgage is fairly reasonable,  our monthly maintenance fees alone come to about $1600. When we now add our mortgage into the picture, that’s $2900 that just flies out of our bank account at the beginning of every month.

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