Skincare is the Best Care

Most people that know me will straight up tell you that I am a low-maintenance kind of girl. My morning routine typically includes jumping out of bed at 6:30am and being out the door by 7am for work, so you know that there is no way I can really do more than showering and getting dressed for work in that amount of time.

While I do wear makeup, I am all about less is more. Touch of eyeliner and mascara, dab of lip balm and I am done. I doubt it even takes me a full minute to apply that. Anything that is fancier than that I save for weddings or maybe a holiday party. And it’s not that I don’t like makeup. I love makeup. And while I think makeup does a wonderful job in enhancing our features, there is something that I feel gets overlooked that is even more important in ensuring that we even have a good foundation to work with – Skincare.

When I was young and entering the early stages of my adolescence…well, let’s just say I was not one of the few and lucky that managed to escape a face full of acne. I have year’s worth of picture day photo’s that I have banned my mother from over displaying. It was bad. And it’s not that I didn’t try everything I could to fix it. Any acne treatment I tried did nothing but dry out my face and irritate me further. And nothing could hide the bumps on my face when I got older and tried to cover it up with makeup.

And then one day my mom bought me a face moisturizer. I started applying it daily, every morning after washing my face and for some reason that did the trick. My face was no longer irritated. My acne kept diminishing and eventually I started to even receive compliments for my skin. It was amazing.

Since then I have been a big proponent for skincare and that is where I am willing to bend my budget just a bit, to make sure I am keeping my skin healthy and glowing.

Hence my purchase earlier earlier this week…


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