Life Gave Me Lemons But Left Out the Instructions For The Lemonade


You know how sometimes you feel like your life is finally coming together? That all the pieces are finally falling into place and you can finally take a moment to breathe easily cause everything is really OK? And then, you know that feeling of when life comes and just rips the rug from right under your feet and now you don’t know how to feel anymore? Yeah..that’s me now. Life just can’t be that easy after all.

So it’s nothing too serious, hopefully, but I swear I could not keep myself from laughing a bit when I took it all in. After all, this was me starting a new, healthier life. I’m all about eating well, being outdoors, keeping myself as healthy as possible. But who knew that that healthier life would also include a diagnosis for eczema. Wonderful. So let me just start from the top…

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a couple of dry patches that were particularly itchy around both of my ankles. To be honest, I didn’t think much of it. I know I have a nickel allergy that causes similar types of spots on me if I wear anything with nickel in it so I just assumed I had worn something, like leggings, with a zipper down there which may have given me the allergic reaction. Not a problem, usually clears up in a day or two and is a minor hassle. Work had been particularly crazy these last couple of weeks with a lot of big projects coming to an end and to be honest, I wasn’t monitoring it very closely. Another week goes by and I notice that the original patches are now bigger and redder and that the itchiness has now spread to other areas of my legs. Now I’m starting to get a little worried. Not to mention, trying to sleep at night had become a big problem. I couldn’t make the itchiness stop no matter what I tried and new rashes began to form. I made an appointment for a dermatologist and I don’t think I was even in her office for 2 minutes before she took a look at my legs, diagnosed me with eczema, told me I’d have to use a topical cream for 2 weeks, and then sent me on my way with a “See you in 2 weeks…”

Umm…what? Was this contagious? Will it continue to spread?? How did this even happen???

I had never even been to a dermatologist before that day because I had never had any prior skin conditions other than acne as a teen. I read that it can be hereditary, but as far as my parents know, no one in our family has had it. So here I am, trying to figure out what’s going on myself.

So the doctor prescribed me with Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream, which is a topical steroid. Two times a day for the next 2 weeks. Well, I am starting day 5 now and I can’t say that it looks much better. In fact, I’d be willing to say that since starting the topical steroid, some part of my legs look even worse and discolored. I also bought myself a bottle of lotion, Eucerin Eczema Relief, that I have been also applying in the morning and the evening. At the very least I can say that the itchiness and need to scratch has diminished drastically. I can make it through a whole day now without feeling the need to scratch, but does that mean this is even working?

I’ve tried reading as much as I can about it but nothing makes sense. There’s no way to know what brought this on and almost anything can cause it to flare up. I’ve tried thinking back to the last month to see if I have drastically changed anything but I’m eating the same foods, I’m using the same body washes, I’ve used the same detergent…so I just don’t know.

And I didn’t want to be that girl but I can’t help but feel self-conscious about it. I normally wear dresses to work but for the last couple of weeks, I have been pulling out pants from wherever I can find them in my closet and making them work. That’s fine since we’re heading into the winter months here anyway. That gives me time to figure out what’s going on while I keep my legs covered up. The problem is Mike and I had planned a week away to Florida about a month ago so we can finally get in a little vacation. When I’m down there, I’m all about beaches, sundresses, and taking in as much sun as possible before the winter months provide us with endless Vitamin D deficiency. But now…I’m just so embarrassed. When my own friends and family look at my legs now and cringe how am I supposed to just bare them at the beach for everyone else to see too?

I hate that I sound like this now. I really do try my best to be optimistic, but I hate not being able to have answers that I need. And I hate that it’s already stopping me from doing the things I enjoy. I hate that I have already used the word hate so many times in this one paragraph alone.

But such is life. It’s unpredictable and messy and we just need to do the best we can to navigate through it. Here’s to hoping that I can figure out the cause of this outbreak and find a way to treat it properly…



7 thoughts on “Life Gave Me Lemons But Left Out the Instructions For The Lemonade

  1. That really sucks for you, I’m sorry. Eczema is super common though, so I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. Also, I knew a woman who had awful Eczema and she did a big overhaul of the things she ate, with the help of a naturopathic doctor, and she cleared it up completely without having to use steroid creams. It might be something to look in to. I know you were looking to eat healthy anyway, so it might be worth a look… Don’t stress about exposing your eczema while in Florida, stress probably doesn’t help the issue either. 🙂

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    • Thank you for the kind words. It’s just been a tough adjustment to have gone from basically clear skin to this in under 2 weeks. I have a follow up appt. in a week and a half and I am going to ask to do an allergy test to see if we can determine what it might be that’s causing it. I hear that dairy might be something that can cause it. I don’t know what I’ll do without my cheese though!

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      • Cheese is a tough one. I used to be super sensitive to cheap metals (like the rivits in jeans and stuff would cause rashes), and a doctor told me it was a nickel allergy. I cut back my dairy and my gluten, along with a few other things for sensitive tummy reasons, but one of the positive side effects has been that I don’t seem to get any rashes anymore! So it’s definitely worth a try!

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      • Huh, then that’s something I need to try. Maybe my nickel allergy developed into something more. Thanks for the advice!

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    • Thank you, I am definitely going to try. I’m always a bit more down in the morning when I wake up and see that there was no change. Maybe I’m just expecting too much too soon.

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  2. Hang in there! I went through/am going through a similar thing when I got diagnosed with Rosacea. Eventually you’ll find something that works and it might even disappear! My mom had severe eczema for years – her hands would crack and bleed. Then, and I know this sounds gross, she stopped using soap and it completely went away.


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