Eating Healthy On A Budget

I’m always hearing how hard it can be to afford to eat healthy. That good food is just too expensive to buy. And I cannot bring myself to believe a word of that.

While that may have been true in the past, I feel that more and more markets are making it possible for people to buy healthy and organic foods at a realistic price that should be able to meet the budgetary needs of any family. For instance, earlier today I traveled to a magical place. No, not DisneyWorld…even better. Stew Leonard’s.


For those of you that may not know or have a Stew Leonard’s in your vicinity, I feel sorry for you. I truly do. It’s basically a smaller grocery store chain that stocks products that are fresh and great quality. It may not have as many products as a normal super market, but that it one of the things I love about it. By carrying less products, they ensure that everything they provide is of greater value, quality, and freshness. Their produce selection in particular is rather large, and there are always sales on items making them a great by.

Typically we like to do our grocery shopping every 2 weeks. After shopping today, this is what we ended up with:

In case you can’t tell from the pictures…it was a lot of food. A run down of most of the items we bought include:



5 lb bag on onions


5 lb bag of potatoes

2 Low Sodium Chicken Broth

5 yams

2 Low Sodium Beef Broth

4 tomatos

Can of Red Kidney Beans


2 Cans of Black Beans

Green Beans

2 Cans of Chick Peas


2 Packs of Dried Rigatoni


2 Packs of Dried Spaghetti


12 pack of Polar Seltzer

Dairy/ Eggs


Quart of Milk (2%)

3 Sirloin Steaks

Low fat Cottage Cheese

2 Pork Roasts

Cream Cheese

Chicken Breast



2 dozen organic eggs

7 FAGE Yogurts

As we were heading towards the registers, I tried to quickly tally up how much this weeks grocery bill would cost us and I have to say, for the items we bought I was pleasantly surprised. It came out to an even $100 (and some change, but really who counts the cents?)

If you think about it, this is 2 weeks worth of food that we bought for our home. Let’s say I only plan to cook meals for Monday – Friday. That is 10 days of cooking for lunches and dinner.

$100/10 days = $10 dollars/day. 

Now when you break it down further, I would be cooking meals for at least lunch and dinner.

$10/day/2 meals a day = $5 dollars/meal. 

Now when you factor in that I am cooking for two people, that means that if my husband and I were to only eat food I cooked using these items here for the next 2 weeks (Monday-Friday) it would only cost us $2.50 a meal each.

I don’t know about any of you but that seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

As I said, eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. $100 spent now is definitely worth the amount of food I will be able to prepare over the next couple of weeks and I promise, I have some pretty great recipes lined up for testing so stay tuned for more!


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