Skincare is the Best Care

Most people that know me will straight up tell you that I am a low-maintenance kind of girl. My morning routine typically includes jumping out of bed at 6:30am and being out the door by 7am for work, so you know that there is no way I can really do more than showering and getting dressed for work in that amount of time.

While I do wear makeup, I am all about less is more. Touch of eyeliner and mascara, dab of lip balm and I am done. I doubt it even takes me a full minute to apply that. Anything that is fancier than that I save for weddings or maybe a holiday party. And it’s not that I don’t like makeup. I love makeup. And while I think makeup does a wonderful job in enhancing our features, there is something that I feel gets overlooked that is even more important in ensuring that we even have a good foundation to work with – Skincare.

When I was young and entering the early stages of my adolescence…well, let’s just say I was not one of the few and lucky that managed to escape a face full of acne. I have year’s worth of picture day photo’s that I have banned my mother from over displaying. It was bad. And it’s not that I didn’t try everything I could to fix it. Any acne treatment I tried did nothing but dry out my face and irritate me further. And nothing could hide the bumps on my face when I got older and tried to cover it up with makeup.

And then one day my mom bought me a face moisturizer. I started applying it daily, every morning after washing my face and for some reason that did the trick. My face was no longer irritated. My acne kept diminishing and eventually I started to even receive compliments for my skin. It was amazing.

Since then I have been a big proponent for skincare and that is where I am willing to bend my budget just a bit, to make sure I am keeping my skin healthy and glowing.

Hence my purchase earlier earlier this week…


Ok ok…I know I need to save money and I know I’ve been talking about saving money, but I had only walked into Sephora to look for a single face moisturizer. When I saw the prices (the cheapest single face moisturizer I found was $28) I was ready to walk out. But then Mike pointed out this skincare box set to me. He knows how much I care about my skincare and gave me the semi-convincing push I needed for this purchase. Plus, it is my birthday month so I am just going to count this as a little gift to myself. (Doesn’t hurt that Sephora through in a little gift of their own either.)

I have been using some of the products since then and I must say – I’m in love.


First of all, I had been without a moisturizer for over 2 weeks, which is the longest period of time I can remember being without since I was a teenager. I started with the Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask, and I swear, I could feel all the toxins just leaving my skin.


No, my face is not typically that lovely shade of yellowish-green. Yes, it is the clay mask.

After 3 days of use, I can definitely say that my skin is looking much brighter and clearer than it has in weeks. After I wash the mask off, I follow it up with applying Lala Retro Whipped Creme.

Those 15 minutes at night not only help clear up my skin, but it’s my first step for relaxing for the rest of the evening. How can I not be expected to feel relaxed and at ease when I can my skin is tingling and fresh.

Still not a believer? Here are a few more reasons to spend some time on your skin:

1. Winter is coming – and with winter coming that means your skin is going to be dried out by the cold weather and the crazy heating indoors. Invest in a moisturizer and you won’t have to battle dry skin for months.

2. Stop aging (or at least slow it down) – while we can’t necessarily stop aging, you can slow it down. Our skin has strong collagen and elastic production in our 20’s and 30’s but it does begin to diminish soon after. By taking care of our skin now, we can fight off the effects and keep our skin looking plump and healthy for much longer!

3. It keeps you healthy – While good skin care can help prevent acne or wrinkles, it  can also help protect against rashes, sores, or other diseases. Better to be prepared now than wish you had taken action to better prepare yourself earlier!

So invest in some good skincare products! It will change your life, as well as your face.

From what I have experienced so far, I would definitely recommend the Sephora Skin Wonderland Set. Each individual product is pretty expensive so the set definitely makes a big difference. You can find it here.

Another set I have used in the past that I absolutely loved was the Origins Skincare Set. I couldn’t find the set in Sephora this year, but that’s why we have Amazon for everything else! I’ve used each of those Origins products and my skin had never felt better. I especially loved using the charcoal mask. My pores had never been smaller.

If anyone has a skincare routine they follow, I’d love to hear from you! I am always up for trying new things!




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