I Know What I Did Last Summer: A Renovation Story

So as I have mentioned before, hubby and I have finally settled into our new home after months of preparation. It was probably the fastest and most hectic summer I have ever experienced. I finally summed up the courage the other day to look through some of the pictures I had taken during the renovation process and I must say, we have indeed come a long way.

Below are pictures of our Living/Dining Room Area under construction:

The first picture was taken immediately after the previous owner had moved out. It’s funny. When we saw the co-op originally, all decorated with furniture, we thought it was a fairly clean unit with a nice white carpet and we were impressed, especially after some of the other units we had seen.

Once the furniture was out though, the only “white” carpet we saw was the carpet that had had furniture sitting on top of it for 15 years or so. For some reason the wall behind where the sofa had been was black and ashy. And then of course there was the popcorn ceiling and the lack of lights other than the chandelier in the dining area with the wires hanging from the ceiling.

Slowly we began the renovation process. Holes were opened up in the ceiling to put lights in, the ceiling was smoothed out, and the carpet was ripped out. It was a very long, VERY messy, and very stressful time.

Thankfully, the final results have been fairly pleasing.



And now we can in move on to the Kitchen that almost was:


The kitchen was an unexpected cost. By just looking at it, there didn’t seem to be any actual issues with it. Sure there was no back splash and I would have liked a stone counter top but that was all cosmetic. Once we officially had the keys though and started looking through the cabinets, we noticed that the cabinet doors had been bought recently to replace what had been there. While the doors themselves were white, the cabinetry itself had yellowed. On top of that, two sets of upper cabinets had there back panels attached to the wall while the rest of the cabinet was basically falling off the wall. Had we tried to put anything semi heavy in there (like you know…plates) there would have been a good chance that it would have fallen completely off the wall. So we went ahead with the decision to just redo the kitchen now as well. Honestly, it really was for the best. Had we waited to redo the kitchen a couple of years from now like we planned, our entire place would have been a mess. Better to just get it done now while everything was under construction

And now we have…


Because the kitchen space itself is fairly small, I wanted to keep the cabinets white, so as to not close up the space. We also utilized the full height of the room by having the cabinets reach the ceiling. And I absolutely love that we added that pop of color with that blue on the wall that gets picked up in the tiles of the back splash.

And then there were the Bedrooms:


I only really took pictures of our bedroom during this. The first picture was how the room had been furnished before we bought it. I was a little worried that the room would be small but now I can see she just had too much furniture in there.

The bedroom renovations were pretty run of the mill. Tear out the carpet and replace the floors, flatten out the popcorn, add lights, and paint.


The main feature in our bedroom is the wall of windows we have. I cannot understand why someone would cover these windows with a bulky piece of furniture but oh well…Their loss was my gain.

Overall, I can definitely say that I am quite happy with the changes that occurred. During the process, it was extremely hard to just look past everything going on at the moment and try to imagine the future. Every day back then had felt like a non-stop marathon. Between getting renovation approvals from the board, having not one, but two contractors go MIA on us, having Lowes totally mess up our floor order by NOT ordering it and then finding out about it 3 weeks later when we needed it….yeah, I’m glad that part is over.

But now as I lay on my couch after a long days work, I feel like we made a lot of smart choices and I can see the value that has been added into our home. If I’m going to be spending a lot of my time for the foreseeable future broke at home, I may as well do it in a home I love 🙂 .




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