So Much for Finding My Way Back…

So first off, aren’t I a disappointment?

Here I was, opening up my old blog that I haven’t looked at in more than a year and I literally laughed out loud when I saw my last post about finding my way back.  I think I took a few wrong turns somewhere along the line as I obviously did not make my way back.

And of course I have excuses, but who doesn’t have excuses? What are my excuses though? Oh, you are so kind for asking.

This last year has really felt like one big roller coaster ride. My husband and I had been house searching in Long Island (we are both from Queens so naturally our parents weren’t too pleased with us venturing out east) but as it turns out we ended up settling on a coop in Queens to be closer to them (for potential future needs) and to be closer to our jobs (since we both work in NYC).

While we thought the end of the house search would be the end of our trouble, we were proven wrong when we had to not only work on the mortgage with our bank, but fill out mountains of paperwork for the coop and meet with the board to have them “approve us”. Even though our offer had been accepted by the seller sometime last February, we were never really truly accepted by the board until the beginning of May, only a couple of weeks before our closing. Yeah…that was not a fun time.

So yay! We closed at the end of May and surely now all of our problems would be over? WRONG. The coop we bought was a 3 bedroom, 1 bath and we got it for a fairly decent price but we definitely underestimated the amount of work we would need to put into it. Our initial plan of just changing the floors from carpet to engineered hardwood and updating the counter tops and back splash. What we actually ended up doing was adding lights and smoothing out the ceiling (there were no lights in the ceiling and it had been popcorn ceiling throughout), updating the entire kitchen and appliances (turns out the cabinet doors were newish but the cabinets themselves were old and some were not properly installed to the wall), changing the floors as we planned, adding moldings, changing window fixtures, and painting.

What we had planned for was a quick 2 week reno that ended up turning into a 2 month reno (plus all the little things we have yet to do like adding our kitchen handles…) With that was the added frustration of dealing with the coop board for every little thing we wanted to change or do.

Thankfully this process is basically done now and we have settled in for the most part but why do I bring this all up? I have noticed that for the past 6 months, I keep getting sick. And I mean, like a lot. At least once a month and it lasts for a minimum of a week. Prior to this last year, I would really only ever get sick once or twice a year. So as I am sitting here, sick again, I got to thinking of what have I been doing that I keep getting sick? I’ve come up with multiple conclusions:

1. I’m just too stressed. Between everything we went through with the house and the renovations and my job throwing more and more projects on me with no where near the amount of support I need to get things done properly, I have just been stressed, nonstop, for months now. Weekends weren’t time to rest and relax. They were finding the time to run to Lowes or Home Depot or just working in the coop and before we knew it our weekends were over without us even having a breather.

2. I haven’t stayed healthy. I mean I don’t think I eat bad, but I haven’t been really   monitoring myself the way I used to. But, what with people coming over now on the weekends to wish us well in our new place, there have been a multitude of cakes and desserts that just keep making our way into our fridge and into my belly. I also have not worked out, at all. I think the last time I went to the gym was like once last February. And while I’m not a gym person, I always prided myself on being able to go for long walks and hikes once the weather got nice, but this year has been a flop (unless of course you count running around Lowes). I think the lack of exercise especially has been a huge factor for me getting sick. Forget about just staying healthy.  It had also been a good way for me to relieve my stress, which I apparently try to repress, as I learned recently when attending an Emotional Intelligence workshop.

So this is me pledging, to try to be better, again. Just cause I was knocked down, doesn’t mean I have to stay down. Overall, things have been going well in my life and I need to stay healthy if I want to enjoy it. So I’ll be back on the blog, hopefully using it as an acceptable outlet so as to not keep my emotions suppressed and I can keep you guys up to date with the progress I’ve made. While I have kept it mostly about fitness in the past, I think I’m going to be more broad this year about my general lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle after all can’t just be found in a gym. It’s about the way you live your life. So here’s to me finding my way back, again….




One thought on “So Much for Finding My Way Back…

  1. Stres at work (and moving house at the same time as taking a promotion at work) really knocked me out last year so I feel your pain. It’s hard to find the balance but hopefully now you see there is something out of balance, you’ll figure out a way to fix it x

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