What Challenges You?

So I have been thinking about my goals lately (which you can find here) and I have been wondering what more I could be doing to meet those goals. Yes, I can keep participating in activities, and keep eating clean, and even go to the gym once in a while. But what are the things in life that I truly find challenging? What challenges have I faced in the past or want to face now that I can work towards overcoming?

The way I see it, overcoming my challenges is just another step on the right path that will lead me towards accomplishing my goals. So below I have compiled a list of challenges that I have been mulling over the last few days. (Disclosure -Challenges may be added or modified at any time.)


My Challenge List

Climb Breakneck Ridge again… – Hiked (more like climbed) it last spring and while I said I would never do it again (climbing up is terrifying, but figuring out how to get down is a nightmare) I want to put my fears aside and give it another go. I am more prepared now, knowing what to expect, and can hopefully use that knowledge to my advantage.

Hike through Harriman State Park – It’s a 7 mile long trail where I can hike through brooks, rocky ledges along the mountain, and find the waterfalls littered throughout. I’ve never done it before but I’ve heard it makes for a beautiful (and exhausting) day.

Participate in another obstacle course/run – For those of you that have read one of my previous posts, you’ll have seen that I am registered to participate in the 5K Rugged Maniac Obstacle Course in June, but I would like to register for another course (whether it be just running or another obstacle course), either during the summer or early fall.

Run 2 miles – This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but I have never tried running before (unless you count me running for my train in the morning) so to be able to run 2 straight miles by the end of the summer would be such a huge accomplishment for me. Training begins the weekend of the 22nd!

Give Yoga a Chance (at least 5 sessions) – I feel bad. I have had bad thoughts about yoga. I always assumed it was just boring stretches, but having read many blog posts on here from people that stay active with yoga, I am embarrassed to have come to such conclusions without ever giving it a go. So yoga is on the list. I will promise to give it a fair chance.

Do 10 push-ups – Ok no jokes here…try as I might, I have never been able to do 1 unmodified push-up…ever. (Thank you weak upper body….) But, I am trying to build up my upper body strength so I do plan to fix this situation! By the end of the summer I plan to finally complete not just 1, but 10 push-ups in a row!

Do 10 pull-ups – Same situation. I have never been able to do a pull-up. I definitely need to address that situation…hopefully before Rugged Maniac commences so I can try to keep myself from falling in mud for as long as possible.

Take a Pole Dancing Class – Ok…while this may sound sexy, all I picture is my fat ass sliding down the pole cause I’m unable to hold myself up. The studio where we’ll be taking Spinning also happen to have pole dancing sessions available as well. I’ve looked at the pictures of these girls that participate in the class and they are just holding themselves up by their legs, totally upside down, hands stretched out, and they look so confident. One of my main goals is to become more confident in myself again so maybe this is something I should try out and see if I can do it for myself. I don’t know when I’ll exactly be ready for this but I thought maybe, maybe if I could just pull off one of these classes, I’ll feel more confident in myself again. Or again, I may just land on my fat ass and be even more self-conscious than I already am! Only time will tell!


And there you have it, my list of challenges for the whole world (or WordPress) to see and hold me accountable to.  But what’s a challenge without a deadline to put the pressure on? Initially I thought the end of the summer may be a good time, but with weddings and family events blocking up my weekends I may not get a chance to participate in some of these things when I want to, so I decided to complete everything before my 27th birthday (October 30th).

As mentioned earlier, I can also add to this list at any time if an idea comes my way. I am both excited about starting my challenges, and also terrified that I’ll fail, but I have to start from somewhere. Wish me luck as I add a new chapter to my journey, and again, your thoughts and advice are always welcomed!


But tell me, what challenges you?


20 thoughts on “What Challenges You?

  1. I too have been wanting to take a pole dancing class but like you, I am worried about my lack of sexiness when trying it out. I just need to go. I look forward to hearing about how it goes for you!!!

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    • Thank you! It probably won’t be for a little while still (maybe until I know I can hold myself up a bit better lol) but I will definitely write about the experience!


  2. I love you goals and think they are all very doable! Yoga is amazing, as you have heard and it will help you with the other goals you have listed. And I have taken a pole class once, totally not my thing, but I can say this, and I don’t mean it in a horrible way, but there were women there twice my size that could rock that pole like no bodies business! I might be able to literally run circles around them, but they could pole waaaayyyyy better then me! So get out there and do it!

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    • Thanks for the added push! I just need to get over my fear of how others will see me if I do something like that. I’ll take your word on the yoga. I haven’t had fair perceptions of it and I know I shouldn’t knock it till I try it. Thanks you for the kind words!

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      • The main thing to keep in mind with yoga is that you are there for yourself. Don’t look around and try to compete and don’t get discouraged if at first you get tired or can’t get the poses right. Just do you.

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    • Thank you!! I just want to keep finding ways to motivate myself to keep up the lifestyle now that I’m starting to see my body changing a bit!

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  3. I like the goals you set for yourself! I’m adding an obstacle course to my goal list too! I’ve always wanted to do the muddy run, climb a wall thing! I once did a sprint triathlon, and was so flippin whooped afterwards, I thought I would never do another one…and I haven’t… Yet; but I have been recently looking for another one to do, like you said, knowing and being better prepared can only be a benefit! One step at a time right?!

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  4. Great post, I’m reading it as I’m sitting in the car waiting for my first yoga class to start! It’s been about 2 years since I’ve done any yoga so the most challenging thing for me will be not getting discouraged by how inflexible I am.

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  5. Your goals are amazing!! I am taking a pole dancing class this weekend. I am very nervous about it. I heard pole dancing is very difficult and something I really have to work on is my upper body strength so I am sure I will be a hot mess.

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    • If it helps, I truly believe that I’d be way worse at it lol. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun though!! Let me know how it goes. I’m curious too hear feedback from a first timer.

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  6. I love your challenge list! I want to try pole dancing too but my upper body strength is awful (working on that right now) I’m challenging myself in small ways, an extra half mile here, an extra 5 minutes there on my runs… Adding inclines, trail running and hikes that I don’t feel ready for but doing them anyway because deep down I know I can! 😊

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  7. […] We had planned to go to the gym on Monday night, but it was such a beautiful night out that we decided to go for another walk (about 3.3 miles). While I did feel bad about not going to the gym initially, I felt like I just really needed to be outdoors.The entire previous week had been cold with rain every day, so to have the feeling of warmth and sunshine on me felt so rejuvenating. I did include a couple of one minute running spurts in between so I plan to keep that up each time we go for a long walk (I still plan on working on my challenges!). […]


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