First time feeling discouraged…

Completely Overdue for An Update…

I apologize for being MIA recently. As it happens I got the flu right as I was coming back from Florida and proceeded to be completely knocked out in the days that followed. Today is the first day that I am actually feeling more like myself (minus some coughing that is just refusing to completely go away.)

I feel absolutely awful that I have not been able to work out since before going away on vacation. On Sunday morning I couldn’t take it anymore, and even though I wasn’t feeling all that great, Mike wanted to go to the gym so I figured I’d go with him. I mean I’d be fine as long as I focused on weights and not cardio, right? WRONG. I’m not sure if it was the lack of exercise over the course of 2 weeks, the illness, or both, but I had no energy at all. Weights I was able to manage with no issue before now had me panting after a minute, and once I started panting, I found it harder to breathe, and once it became harder to breathe, I started coughing and just could not stop. I think I managed to last about 15 minutes before I just threw in the towel.

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The Liebster Award


Imagine my surprise when I logged into my blog this evening to catch up on some posts in my reader and saw that I was nominated for a Liebster Award by the amazing blogger, The Gym Bug! She has so many great fitness posts and is truly an inspiration. If you have not read her blog yet, you are missing out! Click here and read about her fitness journey now!

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I’m Back and So Not Ready…

Sorry for the delayed post everyone. My return back to New York did not go quite as I planned. Florida was wonderful and warm and our side trip to Disney was truly magical. As we were nearing the end of our vacation, I actually began to look forward to coming back and starting my workout regime anew now that I had seen that the weather in New York had jumped up into the 60-70’s.

A day before we were set to leave I developed a cough, not terrible but definitely irritating. It only got worse the next day (I felt so bad, I was the person on the plane no one wanted on cause I couldn’t stop coughing, despite all the cough drops I was popping). And by Tuesday I’m pretty sure it had all developed into the flu. My body ached everywhere, my coughing was non-stop, I had no voice whatsoever, I was so cold all day long even though I was wearing long pajamas, a robe, and 2 blankets, and I had a fever. And it was 70 degrees out. So much for getting out to enjoy the warm weather….

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I’m Going to Earn My Body, My Way

So here I am. It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting on my flight, with an hour to go before reaching the sunshine state…and God knows I could use a little sunshine since winter weather has returned to NY. But I digress. We have business to discuss.

The Measurements

Once again, Saturday morning has come and gone and that means it was time to check to see what progress I was able to make (those of you that remember,  there was absolutely no change last week.) Well I am happy to report that some change has at least occurred once again this week.

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