What a Month It’s Been…4 Week Report

An Important Announcement

First of all, before I get started, I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who has been following me.

I started this blog on March 3rd, the day after my first Kickboxing session and the start of my new, healthier lifestyle, as a way to hold myself accountable. I’m not one for writing in journals as I am always in front of a computer and I decided to explore blogging as a way to monitor my workouts, food intake, progress, and thoughts during this process. At the time I wasn’t really expecting anyone to sit down and read my posts, but here we are, on March 31st and I have over 100 followers. I cannot even authentically describe the support I have felt ever since joining this community.

Every like, comment, and follow pushes me even harder to make sure I achieve my goals because now I have you to answer to. When I am offered a cookie or a slice of cake, my first thought is of you. If I just commented on someone else’s blog and told them to try to focus on eating clean, or to wait until their cheat meal for the week, how can I just turn around now and eat that cake?? If I cannot find the will to power through my journey, then who am I to be giving you advice? I don’t deserve your following unless I stick to my word and become the person I know I can be. So thank you so much, for already helping me become a better me.

Now back to your regularly scheduled post…

The Workout

So last night was my 8th Kickboxing session. It’s hard to believe how quickly they are really flying by at this point. As always, we start off the same way: jogging, a series of high-intensity warm ups, followed by a lot of punching and kicking. I cannot believe that only 4 weeks ago I could barely stand at the end of that class and now I am just rocking it. I still get tired and sweaty, but at least I’m completing all my warm-ups and routines now without a break. I am excited that I have been able to strengthen my body and I will be sad when my sessions are up, but I am excited to start new activities (Spinning is next!!) and see what new progress I can accomplish.

I have been making sure to eat clean all week to make up for the holiday and I must say that I do feel a lot less bloated than I felt Monday morning. In fact, I am currently wearing a dress that I have not been able to wear comfortably over the last year as it was a little tight in the midsection, so I am definitely feeling happy right now. I may not be able to see the difference in myself yet, but this dress says otherwise, so I’ll take that small victory as I wait patiently wait to take my Saturday measurements.

4 Week Mark – Progress Report

As of yesterday, I officially hit my 4 week mark and this is supposed to be the period where I notice the difference in myself, so how am I really feeling right now, you ask?

Well as I mentioned before, I don’t really see too much of a difference yet. At the very least, I can admit that it does look like there is a little less fat hanging around my mid-section, but only just so.  Again, Mike thinks that the difference is more noticeable, but really what does he know?

Feelings-wise, I have definitely not felt bloated at all (and this is the time of month that I normally feel extremely bloated) so I am assuming that my new diet has worked its magic and has kept that from happening, which I am extremely grateful for. When I first started, I noticed that by the second week I was constantly having headaches and I could not seem to ever get enough water to drink. I don’t think my body was used to the added intake of fruits, vegetables, and water entering my system, but by the third week I was back on track. In fact, by the third week I was feeling better than ever. I had more energy, I felt less stressed, and this only keeps getting better as the weeks go on.

I’m trying to make a few small changes in my diet even now. For instance, every morning I always have a cup of coffee. Over the last year I was only taking a spoonful of sugar in my coffee, which for me was great (the running joke for years was if I wanted coffee with my sugar) but as of the last week and a half, I’ve cut sugar from my coffee completely, taking it now with only a splash of milk.

The best feeling I’ve had by far though is just feeling empowered. These last 4 weeks brought about a big enough change to my lifestyle. The fact that I’ve been able to incorporate everything cohesively into my life has me feeling like I can do anything (ok, maybe not anything, but definitely a lot more.) Four weeks ago, I never would’ve entertained the notion of running, but now I can’t figure out why not. Sure it’ll be hard at first, but so is everything, and if I just give myself time to progress, I will see a difference.

I can’t wait for another 4 weeks to go by so I can look back on this and see just how much further I manage to go.


So once again, thank you guys again for all the kind words and support and here’s to moving forward!

13 thoughts on “What a Month It’s Been…4 Week Report

  1. So thrilled to have read this post! I may only have created my blog yesterday but you were the first blog I found that I really liked and the first person I decided to follow! You’re inspiring and I’m so excited to follow you on your journey! Kickboxing sounds so amazing and I applaud you for sticking with it! As for running, it gets easier as you go! As someone who weighs 300lbs, has asthma, and has a heart problem I can vouch for this lol! I used to only be able to run for a grand total of 6th seconds before I had an asthma attack and now I can run for almost 2 minutes! That may not seem like a log to most people but it’s a lot to me and I’m proud of the improvement! I’ve seen some posts on tumblr that say “I may run as slow as a turtle but I still run” and it’s the truth. Take it at your own pace and you’ll rock it!

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    • Your comment = my day being made.
      Thank you so much for the kind words. I love that I have able to have been some help! And I love that quote!! I may get it written on the back of my t-shirt for people to read when I start running lol

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  2. Ahhhmazing! It’s so great to read about someones positive results. You’ve worked hard for them, and they’re working out! Yussss! Also, starting running can be daunting – i remember my first run it was awful, but i was smoking 20 a day and had done nothing for a long time – you’ve been working out so you can definitely rock a cough to 5k plan i reckon. Keep it up! It’s great to read about. x

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    • Thank you so much!! I’ve given myself 2 weeks to mentally prepare for it and then I start as soon as I get back from my vacay (where I can hopefully keep it up while I’m gone!)


  3. Reblogged this on Ivory Cat's Opus and commented:
    A lot of great insight here. I think that keeping track of your progress is so important to success. It has been so helpful to me in meeting my goals. I love writing in my food journal and blogging. It allows me to stay accountable to myself and to the bigger picture. I have found that it doesn’t have to be long either…5 minutes a day to reflect on the day and sent your intentions for tomorrows challenges can be the difference between success and failure.

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    • Thank you so much for following! I’ve found that really monitoring myself once a week and writing about my progress has been immensely helpful!

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  4. Running can definitely be daunting and I remember thinking I could never do it. I have plantar fascists and I’m over 200 pounds. But three years ago when I lost 42 pounds on Weight Watchers, I started by walking. Then I got to the point where I just WANTED to run. My feet started feeling better and I started doing 5K’s and other challenges. Then an injury to my ankle put me on no exercise for a while. Just know it will be slow but you CAN do it!😊

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