The Good and the Ugly

So while this weekend had some really high points, it managed to hit some low points as well,  which I’m not super proud of. But let’s start from the beginning…

The Good Workout

So Saturday morning brought me to my 7th kickboxing session.  As I mentioned in my previous post, while the classes are intense as ever,  I have been feeling stronger and find that my endurance is way,  way up.  The class is challenging, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle at this point,  which is great.

The highlight of my Saturday though was the rock climbing we did later that night! A group of us got together and headed to Brooklyn Boulder for a couple of hours where we climbed until our hands and forearms burned. It’s now Monday morning and my entire body is still sore from what I put it through on Saturday. It felt great keeping myself active throughout Saturday, and hopefully if the weather decides to cooperate eventually, I’ll be able to get some outdoor activity in too!


Weekly Measurements

So as planned, I took and recorded my measurements Saturday morning again to see if I was able to make any progress this week (those of you that did not read one of my earlier posts, I had not lost anything at all last week.) The results are in:

Results from March 26

  • Bust – 36 in.
  • Waist – 29.5 in.
  • Hips – 42.5 in.
  • Thighs – 22 in.
  • Arms – 12.75 in.

Total Inches Lost This Week

  • Bust – 1 inch
  • Waist – 1 inch
  • Hips – .5 inch
  • Thighs – No change
  • Arms – .25 inch

Total Inches Lost since March 5

  • Bust – 2 inches
  • Waist – 2 inches
  • Hips – 1 inch
  • Thighs – 1 inch
  • Arms – 1.25 inches

Now that’s the kind of change I am talking about! While it’s not a major difference, it feels good to be able to mark some progress. At least now I know that even though I may not see the difference in my body quite yet, changes have been made, and as long as I keep it up, I’ll be able to see those changes myself soon enough.

The best part of all is that I do not feel like I have altered my lifestyle much at all. While I have been making an effort to eat healthier, I have not limited myself to a specific diet. Instead, I have found it most helpful to just shop smart and only fill my house with healthy food. If I don’t have junk food lying around, I won’t eat it, it’s simple as that.

The biggest change was incorporating my kickboxing class, but even that wasn’t such a big change for me, in terms of scheduling. Finding one night a week to go, and then early on Saturday morning was doable for me. If I had incorporated a third night would I have lost more? Possibly, but considering I was just starting to exercise again for the first time in a while, I thought it best to not overwhelm myself, and make sure I was giving my body ample time to heal. Not to mention, I don’t want to feel trapped into attending classes all the time as my only way to stay active and lose weight. I was finally able to incorporate some rock climbing in this week and me and Mike have already listed a bunch of places nearby that we want to hike at once the weather clears up. Here’s hoping that April gives way to spring soon!

And Now the Ugly….I Mean Food

Let me just say that this weekend did not start off bad at all. Friday night’s dinner was a Pork Stir Fry and some whole grain rice on the side (get the recipe here).


Saturday morning (well really afternoon by the time I ate after I finished my class) was a beautiful mushroom and onion omelette, and after that, it all just went downhill.

Mike was craving pasta and I had suppressed his Italian urges for too long so I gave in to a pasta meal. He proceeded to make a Spaghetti with Crab dish that was absolutely delicious and worth the cheat meal.


I figured that at this point I had already completed my kickboxing class and we knew we’d be rock climbing later that night so I’d be getting a decent enough workout in to warrant the meal.

If that was the only “cheating” I had done over the weekend, I would’ve felt fine, but Sunday was spent celebrating Easter with his family (I am Greek Orthodox so my Easter this year isn’t until May 1st) and if you know anything about Italians, you know that the food is plentiful and you are expected to eat it all. I won’t get into the details of everything I ate, but I will say that it was a lot more than I am used to and I find myself feeling more bloated than I have the entire month.

For lunch today I just packed a bunch of fruit with me (raspberries and a couple of clementines) because I don’t think my body can handle much more than that right now. Do I regret the weekend of eating? On one hand, it was Easter and I do think that we should enjoy the holidays with our families (and our families enjoy the holidays by coming together over food.) On the other, my body this morning is definitely pissed off at me for eating as much as I did. But the holidays are over (for now) and it’s time for me to get back on track again. I made make major progress this week and a little celebration isn’t going to be enough to set me back.

8 thoughts on “The Good and the Ugly

  1. Italian family, I know that, my family is Italian and yeah it’s all about the food, but your measurement changes are great so one day of cheating – especially on a holiday – I’m sure is fine. What’s life if we can’t splurge from time to time ;). Also, rock climbing sounds awesome!

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    • I’ll just be sure to be extra cautious this week and make sure to fill up on protein and veggies! And it was really so much fun! Biggest thrill is letting go once you reach the top!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There will always be more days to really enjoy a good cheat meal. I find that as long as I at least work out twice a week and watch that my meals stick to a more protein, vegetable, and fruit side, I can’t let myself feel guilty over one meal. And let me tell you, you really savor those moments when you feel like you’ve earned it!


    • Thank you! And I certainly hope not but it’s definitely incentive to make sure I eat clean again all week. I like watching those numbers come down!

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  3. One day won’t undo all your hard work. I struggled to eat healthily over the bank holiday weekend as well – i think many of us probably did so there’s no shame. Just get back on track and get going again, you’re acing it! 🙂

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