So I Need Some Advice…

Those of you that have read some of my previous posts know that me and my workout buddy have decided to forego the gym to prevent the eventual boredom that will overcome us and the extra membership dues we’d get stuck with each month (no offense to anyone out there that loves the gym, but I’ve tried it multiple times and it just doesn’t work for me.)

Instead, we opted to use Groupon as a way to get us engaged in certain, high intensity activities, for a short period of time, and then move on to the next activity. Currently we are enjoying our Kickboxing classes but after this week, we’ll only have 3 sessions left, so it is time for us to decide what new activity to take on. We have narrowed it down to 2 options and this is where I need your help deciding:

  1. Zumba (1 hour session)
  2. Spinning (50 minute session)

For those of you that have taken classes for both or either of these, or even know someone that has taken these and couldn’t stop talking about it, could you please give me the pro/con of each class? Or you know, just pick your favorite and we’ll poll it out!


You’re help is much appreciated!

10 thoughts on “So I Need Some Advice…

  1. I’ve d a 45 minute spin classes and love them. My gym offer 30 minute ones but with the extra 15 minutes you can really tell the difference – it totally exhausts you right till the end, a proper sweat session! As for Zumba, I haven’t taken it yet but my gym has just started running them on a Monday night. Everyone has said good things about it and it’s just a whole load of fun. So if you’re looking for a fun way to keep fit as you struggle to enjoy it when it’s all pure hardcore, go for Zumba. If not and you just wanna get straight into it – spin! x

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    • Thanks for the advice! I’m torn because while I do want to have fun with it, I felt like the kickboxing really helped push me so I don’t want to feel like I’m taking a step back with the Zumba. I took it a few years ago at this point and can’t remember how intense it actually got.

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  2. I do weekly spin classes and absolutely LOVE them!! The instructors are (usually) high energy and the music is fantastic. Personally, I’m not coordinated enough to try my hand at something like zumba but have been spinning weekly for the past 8 months and am never turning back 🙂

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  3. Hi!! Spin is a great cardio workout (I teach 2 spin classes a week). But if your goal is weight loss you won’t get the results you want from spin alone. Make sure you’re getting some resistance training in too!!

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  4. Zumba is so much fun, I took classes years ago and found it a great way to ease myself into exercise! if your looking for a more hardcore workout though spinning is the one! I did a 45 min class in my gym a few weeks ago and was dripping in sweat but felt great afterwards! Your bum does get a bit sore though haha!

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    • You’ll probably have more fun with Zumba but better results with Spin, depending on what your goal is. You are really loading up with high intensity cardio though, so be careful. You’ll probably be better off for a couple months by spreading the cardio out and you and your partner do some rock climbing, sprinkled in with some boring lower body track workouts that you guys can challenge each other with. Building some of that muscle up will get you looking a little differently at cardio and everything will get easier to love.

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      • Rock climbing is definitely going to be part of the routine soon! We’re looking into a one month membership in about a month to try it out while we wait for the weather to get warmer!


  5. In my opinion spinning is more intensity and zumba is more for fun. We had to do this in one of our kinesiology (human performance) classes and zumba was honestly so easy….just had to dance. Spinning on other hand depends on the intensity the instructor chooses. If you want more of a work out pick spinning, if you want something more for fun then go with zumba.


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