4th Session Complete and the Results for Week 1 are In!


So life happens and I was unable to attend Saturday’s session. (Correction – I was actually able to attend but my kickboxing partner was not and we had agreed to do all our classes together.)

Regardless, Saturday did not happen but we did reschedule for Monday night instead, which means that we will be going 3 times this week, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Prior to last night I was nervous about the prospect of having to go three times in one week, mostly due to my slight mishap last week, and I was nervous about worsening the issue. But by yesterday my leg was feeling better and I was ready to try again. And it was actually really, really great.

The warm-up as always was tough (if you’re familiar with it, think of the Insanity warm-up) but I powered through it better than I could’ve imagined. Our instructor last night didn’t even bother warming us up too much after the jog as we immediately jumped into our 8-count burpees, and I was actually able to power through those! The fact that this was only my 4th session and I was able to complete that set when less than 2 weeks ago I could barely do 2 without collapsing was so inspiring and really makes me feel like I am getting much stronger than I anticipated.

My endurance was definitely up and I was able to get through the hour session with very few breaks in between. By the time class was over, we were exhausted, thirsty, our clothes were soaked through with sweat, but it was exhilarating. I’m hoping to keep up the pace when Wednesday night rolls around.

Even though I did not attend class on Saturday, I still measured myself to see if any changes had occurred and I must say I was pleasantly surprised!

Original Measurements (March 5th)

  • Bust – 38
  • Arms – 14
  • Waist – 31.5
  • Thighs – 23
  • Hips – 43.5

March 11th Measurements

  • Bust – 37
  • Arms – 13
  • Waist – 30.5
  • Thighs – 22
  • Hips – 43

Total Inches Lost Week 1

  • Bust – 1 in.
  • Arms – 1 in.
  • Waist – 1 in.
  • Thighs – 1 in.
  • Hips – .5 in

To be honest, I thought I couldn’t have possibly measured correctly, but did check 3 times and every time came out the same. An inch may not seem like a lot but the fact that I was able to make that much progress after only 3 classes felt great. While I may not see it on my body yet, it feels good to see that some difference was made.

Of course, I don’t expect to see the same results this Saturday again. After all, the first few pounds are the easiest to drop, but I’ll accept any form of improvement I can.

I don’t know if I have a particular goal in mind yet. I just want to keep on going until I feel and look good for me, that’s what’s most important.

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